Our musical repertoire

One of the aims of  The Yeoman Singers is to explore and enjoy a wide range of music in different music styles and genres.  We tend to work on a range of shorter works covering the medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century periods, and also perform arrangements of folk and pop material.  This ensures that everyone finds something within the repertoire to challenge and satisfy.  Our ever-growing audiences seem to appreciate this approach as well.

We regularly challenge ourselves with ‘works’ rather than small scale songs, motets and pop material.  For example: ‘Requiem’ (Faure), ‘Christmas Story’ (Schutz), ‘Gloria’ (Vivaldi) and ‘Beatus Vir’ (Monteverdi).

In these larger works we are very pleased to be supported by local instrumentalists who form a chamber orchestra to accompany our efforts.

More titles are added each year to accommodate new performances.