Christmas Concert – Tuesday 11 December 2018

Our festive Christmas Concert on 11 December 2018, St George’s Church, Frankwell, was well attended.  We were delighted to raise money for ARUK Shropshire – the charity raising funds for Alzheimer’s Research.  ARUK Shropshire also ran a successful Christmas card stall with a range of beautiful cards available for supporters to buy.

Ann Malpass, herself a former choir member, and one of the team of volunteer fundraisers for ARUK Shropshire, came along to a rehearsal evening in the new year to receive our donation of £500, presented by long-time choir member Tom Kaye.

Ann spoke movingly about the difficulties Alzheimer’s brings to those diagnosed with the disease, and to their families and friends.  Alzheimer’s Research are working towards a breakthrough by 2025.  Ann joins with a team of volunteers, usually distinguishable by their bright orange tee-shirts, in helping to put on a wide variety of events in Shropshire.

The photo below includes Jessica and Lesley – two Yeoman Singers choir members who are also ARUK Shropshire volunteer fundraisers.

The Shropshire Group has been going since 2017, and you can follow them on:

Facebook page: Alzheimer’s Research UK Shropshire Fundraising Group

Twitter: @ARUKShropshire

L to R: Jessica Pannett, Ann Malpass, Tom Kaye, Lesley Davies

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